Sten Saaremäe ready for his biggest challenge against Edward Walls at Cage 50 : ”I’m coming in for a scrap and he better be ready for it.”

15.2. Cage is preparing to hold its 50th event. The main event is a very exciting bout between two of the best Nordic featherweights, ”Ace of Cage” Edward Walls and Estonias brightest star Sten Saaremäe.

I reached across the ocean and asked Sten about his feelings, now that the fight is just under two weeks away.

– I’m feeling great! My little daughter turned one-year-old past Saturday and I’m a very proud dad! To be honest, I really am excited for this fight, it’s definitely gonna be one of the hardest fights of my life, but I’m here for the challenge. I feel that we both are one of the top featherweights in the Nordics (there’re few guys above us) and we are going toe to toe. CAGE has done an awesome promo for the event and for our match-up, so I’m thankful and happy how everything has turned out.

The fight originally got announced right after the conclusion of Cage 49:s main event. Cage has done excellent job hyping the match up these last few months and has made it a must-see event. I wanted to know how it all came to be and what happened behind the curtains.

– I think I got the call late November last year. There wasn’t long thought process, I accepted the fight immediately. For me, it’s a great chance to prove myself and take it to the next level, plus I knew, if I keep going like this, eventually we will fight anyway, so why not now? CAGE is the amazing promotion and the main event slot, was cool also. I’m definitely happy about how it got received by Finnish fans, I got a lot of support and great messages. I’m very thankful for the support Finns!

Saaremäe mentioned on pre-fight interviews that he feels like Walls style is an interesting puzzle to solve and i wanted to know more about what he meant by that and what is he expecting from Walls under these huge spotlights.

– Yes, he is a very interesting puzzle to solve, because he’s good everywhere, he is a physical and explosive guy and he is also a smart guy. My last opponents have been pretty similar (heavy wrestling pressure), so it’s refreshing to fight someone with an absolutely different style. I expect best possible Edward Walls, and I hope he takes this fight seriously, because I don’t come to fuck around, I’m coming in for the scrap and he better be ready for it. But I know he is prepared, he’s a true fighter, so I’m not worried about that. I don’t want to go into details, but I have got very good preparation and I am in the best shape of my life.

Well, what is the best-case scenario for Saaremäe? What does he envision for the outcome of this match?

– The best-case scenario will be, me knocking him out for sure. Isn’t it almost every fighter’s dream scenario? 😀

I wanted to let Saaremäe have the final word and sent his welcomes to Finnish fight fans and to his opponent Edwards Walls.

– Hey Finns! 15th of February, I will put on a show you don’t wanna miss. It’s the jubilee event for the CAGE, and it’s special. So please, buy the tickets and come to support me and the rest of the Finnish athletes. It’s gonna be an amazing night of fights. Thank you all for the support and great messages, I love you all! See you soon! 
AND Edward Walls, let’s fricking go!

Cage 50 will be fought at Kulttuuritalo on 15.2. On the fight card fighting alongside Walls, and Saaremäen are Janne Elonen-Kulmala, Jesse Urholin, Olli Santalahti, Tuomas Grönvall, Chamia Chabbi, Patrik Kapanen, Markus Rytöhonka and Toni Lampinen.

Cover photo: YAKUZA FIGHTS


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